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EHUBCO was built in 2020 by an experienced, passionate team of business developers, IT professionals, sales, marketing and eCommerce. With over 100 years of combined expertise, we know the challenges of building your brand and going direct to consumers. Let us help you maximize your online sales.

Meet the Founders


Gianni Scrocco - CEO

  • Pioneer in digital marketing for global companies 

  • 30+ years of driving exponential growth

  • Exceptional at developing trusted relationships


Alex Mircic - COO

  • An innovator in eCommerce technology 

  • 30+ years of developing multi-million businesses

  • Highly creative, enthusiastic and solution-oriented


Cathy Sanh - VP

  • Master in international entrepreneurship 

  • 30+ years of growing eCommerce brands

  • Acutely aware of business success patterns


Francesca Ierfino - CFO

  • Senior Financial industry professional with over 20 years of experience 

  • Contributed to the successful IPO launches

  • Proficiently raised capital in various industries

EHUBCO is the only eCommerce company with Global Retailer Partnerships (Vendor Agreements) and proprietary automation technology (MIRA) to enable instant product onboarding onto Online Retailers and sales.
EHUBCO Summary:
2020 - Concept, incorporated July 31, 2020
2021  - Proven concept & development of prototype Platform MIRA
2022 - Prototype automation of the manual process, first users
2023 - Growth and expansion, release MIRA v1.0
EHUBCO is currently seeking financing for 5 million dollars. Preferably an angel investor/ partner with an option for equity; with an immediate injection of approximately 1 million dollars.
Use of funds:
30% - Commercialization and enhancements to the platform MIRA 
25% - Upscale operations geographically
25% - Marketing 
20% - Additional In-House hires Marketing & IT 
Please use the link below for access to the Pitch deck:

We thank you in advance for considering this opportunity and/or sharing it with someone you feel can benefit from this opportunity.

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